Surprise Birthday Party For me at "Red Lobster"!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So, as you probably all know by now, it was my birthday on Saturday, June 1st! Mom and I had originally made plans with my best friend Lisa and her mom Sylvia - who just happens to be my mom's best friend, also - to all go to Lake George together on Friday, May 31st, to celebrate my birthday. The plans were all set, and then my mom woke up on the Wednesday - May 29th - with a severe case of gout in her left foot!

We hoped that it would go away by Friday so we could go to Lake George, but unfortunately there was no such luck and we had to postpone our get together until the next week. It all worked out for the best anyway, as Friday's weather turned out to be over 90 and incredibly muggy! Not the best weather to attempt to do anything in, but that was alright. :)

So, by Tuesday afternoon, we were all 'chomping at the bit' to get together. Lisa and Sylvia picked us up at 12:00 P. M., and we off to lunch at Red Lobster. It wasn't necessarily a birthday party - more of a get together of four good friends - but the surprise part was that Lisa and Sylvia gave me a Barnes and Noble Nook!

Lisa knew that my Amazon Kindle had overloaded, but I must say that I never thought that I would receive a Barnes and Noble Nook from her as a birthday present. I certainly wasn't expecting it! Sylvia was kind enough to give me a Barnes and Noble Giftcard for $35 (I think) as well. We stopped and had ice cream after we left Red Lobster and came home around 4:00 P. M.  It's so wonderful to have such great friends! I do believe that a good time was had by all! :)

May you read well and often