Review Policy

I like to keep myself on the 'straight and narrow' with everything in my life, and this includes being on the right side of the FTC via the FTC DISCLAIMER! So, let me get the legalities out of the way right from the top:

In accordance with FTC guidelines for bloggers and endorsements, I would like to clarify that the books reviewed on my blog, Emeraldfire's Bookmark and elsewhere on the internet are provided by the publisher/author free of charge. I am neither compensated for my reviews nor are my opinions influenced in any way by the avenues through which I obtain my materials.

Now on to the 'good stuff'!

Hello everyone, it's very nice to meet you all. My name is Mareena McGirr and I still consider myself a relatively new blogger on the Internet even after 8 years of blogging. I'm originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland but left when I was five and a half-years-old and moved to America with my family (originally settled in Rhode Island)

I'm an avid reader who will read just about anything (except M/M, BDSM, hardcore fetish, howto and cookbooks) My primary genres that I like to read are Contemporary Fiction, Historical Romance, young adult, Paranormal Romance, Horror (please no zombies, although vampires or werewolves-type horror is okay), Light sci-fi, Epic Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Autobiographies, Biographies, Suspense, Thriller and Mystery.

I was first interested in blogging for myself when I discovered a romance reading group as a member of Shelfari. The moderator of the group, Cindy W. advised all the members to create a personal blog for themselves in order to keep count of all the books that they read. Some did and some didn't; I was one who did! Thus was the original Emeraldfire's Bookmark born. All went well until about 10 November 2011. At that point in time, my computer hard drive crashed and Emeraldfire's Bookmark was no more! :(

I rushed to reinstate a blog for myself and Emeraldfire's Bookmark was reborn in a different format. I am safely installed on the Internet again and am currently accepting most author requests. I can't completely promise that your books will always be reviewed in a timely manner at the moment: I do have a constant backlog of reviews coming up. I generally take up to ten days to read and review a book on this blog once I actually settle myself down to read. :)

I currently post to this blog, my mirror blog, Goodreads, Librarything, Amazon  and Barnes and Noble. I have a rather extensive personal collection that I constantly add to from Library Book Sales, Barnes and Noble, Paperback Swap, Bookmooch and the kind donations from authors and publishers. :) I accept hardcovers, paperbacks and ebooks in pdf, epub and Mobi formats. All my acquisitions have of course been obtained legally (sometimes for free but primarily paid for with my own funds).

All reviews are honest and fair impressions of what I've read and range from A+! to C+! at the moment. I have not read a book so far that I felt deserved an F!

If you would like to contact me, please email me at either emeraldfiresbookmark(at) or rubyandthetwins(at) or just leave a comment on this blog.

I have met some truly lovely people through the book blogging community and have become friends with them. I love hearing from all my readers and only ask that you are constructive in any criticism that you may have; as I will be as well.

Enjoy your reading and please feel free to follow me, but only if you want to. :) Oh, and if you're wondering at the title of my blog, Emeraldfire's Bookmark it was about me: I'm originally from the 'Emerald Isle' and I love anything to do with books.

Ruby and the Twins actually commemorates my three adorably rambunctious rescue cats: Ruby, Leila and Lollipop. :) Leila and Lollipop aren't really twins, I don't think, it's just that they look and act almost exactly like identical twins in both coloring and demeanor. It's extremely eerie at times! :)