Sunday Salon

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Sunday
Hello Everyone and welcome to the first Sunday in December. It's freezing here today and I have to go out at 11:30 AM to do my radio show. Brrr! I guess I have to bundle up! :)

Anyway, even though I haven't posted any reviews yet, I am reading and have been updating my blog's template. I have many things coming up in December though, definite reviews for Chill Run by Russell Brooks, Untraceable by S. R. Johannes, Black and Orange by Benjamin Kane Ethridge and many other books so stay tuned for the posts! :)

I have also been helping my mom update her blog at Moonshine and Rosefire. A shameless plug for her I know, but she would never do it for herself; she's too nice! :) She's reading so fast as well, compared to me she has two books read already this month. It's only the 4th of December and she's posted two reviews. Wow! :)

Anyway, that's my update for today - kind of a slow day for me but very good. See you all next week! :)

May you read well and often


Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Thanks for the "shameless plug" I love finding new blogs!

I'm curious about Black and Orange. I'll be watching for your reviews.


emeraldfire said...

Hello Laurel,
Mom actually doesn't think that she understands blogging that much but she does enjoy answering email a whole lot. She's a little shy of "the big bad blogging world"! :) Black and Orange by Benjamin Kane Ethridge is touring in December. It's a Dark Fantasy about the origins of Halloween. It looked really good to me. Thanks for stopping by, Laurel and please feel free to join my mom's blog as well. (Hint Hint!) :) No, really, only if you truly want to.

LBC said...

Your template is looking good. I'm always working on mine. What I really need is a header, but the ones I make are always horrible. I'm taking a Photoshop class, just so I can *hopefully* finally make an attractive one.

emeraldfire said...

Oh, thank you so much, Laura. I'm constantly working on mine as well. I stopped by your blog and I think it's wonderful. I didn't read all that much either last month but what I did read was very good. :)