Ami Blackwelder, Author of Dumah's Demons, Chats About The AngelFire Chronicles and Its Latest Installment

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I would very much like to welcome Ami Blackwelder, author of the young adult Paranormal Thriller, Dumah's Demons. Ms. Blackwelder was nice enough to answer some questions for me about her young adult Paranormal Series The AngelFire Chronicles, and its latest installment Dumah's Demons. Thank you so much for stopping by Emeraldfire's Bookmark, Ms. Blackwelder, and I wish you all the best now and in the future!

Meet Ami Blackwelder

Ami Blackwelder is a Paranormal and SciFi author. Her stories range from Tween & YA to Adult. Growing up in Florida, she graduated UCF and in 1997 received her BA in English and additional teaching credentials. Then she packed her bags and traveled overseas to teach in Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, China and Korea. She has always loved writing and wrote poems and short stores since childhood; however, her novels began when she was in Thailand in her thirties.

Having won the Best Fiction Award from the University of Central Florida (Yes, The Blair Witch Project University), her short fiction From Joy We Come, Unto Joy We Return was published in the on campus literary magazine: Cypress Dome and remains to this day in University libraries around the USA. Later, she achieved the semi-finals in a Laurel Hemingway contest and published a few poems in the Thailand’s Expat magazine, and an article in the Thailand’s People newspaper. Additionally, she has published poetry in the Korea’s AIM magazine, the American Poetic Monthly magazine and Twisted Dreams Magazine.

Synopsis of Dumah's Demons

The story of Dumah, Kian’s sister and how she becomes a Dark Angel. The reader will better understand Dameon and Kian through this story which is told through the eyes of Dumah.

Follow her story as she and Kian fight to survive on the streets of Manhattan and see how one event changes both of their lives forever, driving her toward darkness of the Dark Angels and Kian toward the AngelFire protectors.

If you've read
She Speaks to Angels this is a great way to understand the motives of Dameon, Kian and Dumah. Dumah is found in Falling Angels, the sequel to be released April 2014.

Coming to Amazon on March 2, 2014!

Emeraldfire's Bookmark: First of all Ms. Blackwelder, where in the chronology of the AngelFire Chronicles does Dumah's Demons fall?

Ami Blackwelder: This novella is an accompaniment to the AngelFire Chronicles and is best read after reading She Speaks to Angels. I only say this because there are two spoilers in it if you have not read She Speaks to Angels. The next book to read would be Falling Angels where we see more of Dumah’s character.

Emeraldfire's Bookmark: Did something or someone in your own life serve as inspiration for either the plot or certain characters in Dumah's Demons?

Ami Blackwelder: Well, I think as a writer you always bring your own emotions and life experiences so I’d have to say, yes. But then again there is not one event that solely defines this story or the characters, it is an accumulation of events and people I’ve known.

Emeraldfire's Bookmark: I enjoy reading quite a lot of young adult paranormal or fantasy novels, but I admit that you are a new author to me. In your opinion, what would draw a new reader to your books?

Ami Blackwelder: I have always been told my stories are original. I hear readers say they’ve never read anything quite like my stories, that they always have several twists they were not expecting and once they get into the story they have a hard time putting them down. I have to say my stories tend to slower at first and build up the momentum. Some of later stuff just jumps right in.

Emeraldfire's Bookmark: If you're able to give a 'sneak peak' at all, how do you see the AngelFire Chronicles progressing?

Ami Blackwelder: LOL, I know exactly how it progresses. What can I tell the readers and fans? Ali and Kian are in for a lot of emotional turmoil in Falling Angels. Dumah pulls them to their limits, but if you think things get bad for our main characters in Falling Angels, Dumah has a treat in store in Angel Codes and the human race gets messy.

Emeraldfire's Bookmark: I noticed that you actually write five separate young adult series (I looked on Goodreads, so I might be missing one:)). Anyway, I was wondering how you manage to keep all the story lines straight? 

Ami Blackwelder: I have an elf romance saga comprised of two books. It is done. Guardians of the Gate. I have a Mers Chronicles which is comprised of two books. Book two will be out later this year. AngelFire Chronicles is made up of three books, book two and three will be released shortly. Those are for YA and Tween.

Midnight: Century of the Vampires is comprised of three books and is finished, but it is New Adult. Zombie Housewives has two books in the series, and more may follow. It too is more of a New Adult series.

My last series is Shifter Evolutions and has five books in the series currently with a sixth possibility, and a spring off series possibility after the indie film is released. This is an adult series. So, I’m really only working on the angels and then will finish the mermaid story.

Emeraldfire's Bookmark: What are your future plans for writing - Do you already have your next book partially planned, or do you allow yourself a little 'down time' between books?

Ami Blackwelder: I usually go-go-go unless life gets in the way which it often does and I have to slow down to get some other stuff done. However, I do take down-time. Like now I’m in Chan Mai, Thailand and will be going into Cambodia. I do a lot of traveling or outdoors stuff for getting into different gears.

Emeraldfire's Bookmark: Who are your favorite authors and do you have any favorite genres that you like to read?

Ami Blackwelder: I like literature and dystopia. Hemingway, Jane Austen, Steinbeck, Charles Dickens, Suzanne Collins, and Veronica Roth. Loved Dr. Zhivago, but damn those sad endings.

May you read well and often


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