Our Library Visit For December

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hello Everyone! How are you on this fine Friday? I'm doing just fine. :) Last Thursday, Mom and I planned to go to our local library to raid the perpetual book sale for early Christmas gifts. However, it started snowing lightly on Tuesday morning, and the weather report was claiming there was going to be a Nor'easter blowing through which would dump between two and four feet of snow by Thursday morning.

We decided to change our library visit to Friday morning and left at around 11:30 A. M. We spent a delightful one and a half hours just browsing through the library book sale and ended up going home at around 1:00 P. M. We had bought a rather modest (for us) 44 books between us.

Between us, we bought 21 hardcovers and 23 paperbacks. We spent a whopping $40 for a total of 44 books. A pretty good haul, if I do say so, myself. :)

At the moment, I'm reading Owlet by Emma Michaels - which I started Monday evening, December 15th! I received a copy of this book to read on Saturday, October 18th!

May you read well and often