Blog Tour For The Wolf of Britannia Part I by Jess Steven Hughes From May 2, 2016 to May 27, 2016 - Come Join Us!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hello Everyone! I am extremely happy to announce that Jess Steven Hughes will be touring the blogosphere to promote his historical fiction novel The Wolf of Britannia Part I. This is Mr. Hughes' first virtual book tour with Pump up Your Book! He will be coming to a blog near you from May 2, to May 27, 2016! Come join us for all the fun!

The Wolf of Britannia Part I Blog Tour Information: 

Meet Jess Steven Hughes 

Jess Steven Hughes is a retired police detective sergeant with twenty-five years experience in criminal investigation and a former U.S. Marine. He holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a minor in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations from the University of Southern California. He has traveled and studied extensively in the areas forming the background of this novel, which brings vivid authenticity to the unique settings for his historical novels, The Wolf of Britannia, Part I, The Wolf of Britannia, Part II, and The Sign of the Eagle

He currently lives with his wife, Liz, and their three horses in Eastern Washington. He is currently working on another historical novel from the First Century A.D.

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About The Wolf of Britannia Part I:

First Century AD Britain is a fragmented land of warring Celtic tribes, ripe for invasion by the juggernaut of imperial Rome. Knowing this, a young warrior, soon-to-be-legendary, Prince Caratacus, must unite the southern tribes if they are to survive. This is an enemy more cunning and powerful then either he or Britain has ever faced.

Standing by him is his wife, Rhian, a warrior princess who takes no prisoners. She is the first woman he has truly loved. With her support and that of other allies, Caratacus must outsmart a traitorous brother who is determined to take the throne, aided by a conniving Roman diplomat and a tribal king in the pockets of the Romans.

Caratacus must save his country not only from the pending Roman onslaught but from his own peoples treachery.

Or else die trying.

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The Wolf of Britannia Part I Book Publicity Tour Schedule:

Monday, May 2 - First Chapter Reveal at Pump Up Your Book
Tuesday, May 3 - Interview at PUYB Virtual Book Club
Wednesday, May 4 - Book Feature at I’m Shelf-ish
Thursday, May 5 - Book Feature at The Review From Here
Friday, May 6 - Book Feature at The Bookworm Lodge
Monday, May 9 - Interview at The Writer’s Life
Tuesday, May 10 - Book Feature at Bound 2 Escape
Wednesday, May 11 - Book Feature at The Literary Nook
Thursday, May 12 - First Chapter Reveal at Literarily Speaking
Friday, May 13 - Book Feature at Literal Exposure
Monday, May 16 - Character Interview at Pimp That Character
Tuesday, May 17 - Guest Blogging at Lori’s Reading Corner
Wednesday, May 18 - First Chapter Reveal at The Dark Phantom
Thursday, May 19 - Book Feature at My Bookish Pleasures
Friday, May 20 - First Chapter Reveal at Beyond the Books
Monday, May 23 - Guest Blogging at The Story Behind the Book
Wednesday, May 25 - Book Feature at Authors and Readers Book Corner
Thursday, May 26 - Book Review at Deal Sharing Aunt
Friday, May 27 - Book Review at Emeraldfire’s Bookmark

May you read well and often