Introducing Schism: The Battle For Darracia by Michael Phillip Cash!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back in February of 2014, my Mom received a copy of Schism: The Battle For Darracia, although she immediately passed the book on to me, since she doesn't usually read science fiction herself. I like reading some light science fiction, so Mom gave it to me instead. I started reading this book back in April, but had to put the book aside temporarily due to my schedule.

I was delighted to learn recently that four books by Michael Phillip Cash have won several awards! Congratulations on such a great achievement, Mr. Cash - it is certainly well-deserved. I am currently reading Schism: The Battle For Darracia - a Finalist for the Foreword Review's Book of the Year Award of 2013 in the Science Fiction Category, and the book also received Second Place for the Rebecca's Reads Readers Choice Awards of 2013 in the Science Fiction Category.

As of Tuesday, June 17th, I'm on page 63 (about 30%) into Schism: The Battle For Darracia by Michael Phillip Cash, and am thoroughly enjoying the story so far. As a matter of fact, I just received the second book in The Darracia Saga - Collision: The Battle For Darracia on Thursday, May 22nd from my Mom. Mr. Cash's publicist, Red Feather Publishing had sent her a copy, and she had again passed it on to me. I hope to start reading this book sometime very soon

Right at the moment, all I know is that Mom put Collision: The Battle For Darracia somewhere safely in my room; I just have to figure out where! lol! :)  

Meet Michael Phillip Cash

Michael Phillip Cash is an award winning and best selling author of horror, paranormal, and science fiction novels. Stillwell: A Haunting on Long IslandThe Hanging Tree, and Schism: The Battle For Darracia have all been named to Foreword Review's Book of the Year Awards. Michael currently resides on Long Island with his wife and children.

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Schism: The Battle For Darracia by Michael Phillip Cash (2013)
Length: 202 pages
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Schism: The Battle For Darracia Blurb: 

On the planet Darracia, an ever-widening social gap between its inhabitants is causing turmoil that is fracturing a once peaceful world. Struggling with his identity, nineteen year old Prince V'sair must harness the power of the elusive Fireblade, the secret to a warrior's heart, in order to overcome his uncle Staf Nuen's lust for supremacy. Will the energy of the Elements guide the young prince to his true destiny or will Staf Nuen conquer Darracia? 

After the success of his first three books (Brood XStillwell, and The Hanging Tree) Michael is fulfilling a dream and creating his own epic fantasy world. Schism: The Battle For Darracia is the first book in a planned series.

Schism: The Battle For Darracia Book Trailer:

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