Prudence MacGregor - Trilogy: A Collection

Thursday, March 14, 2013

10. Trilogy: A Collection by Prudence MacGregor (2013)
Length: 107 pages
Genre: Horror
Started: 12 March 2013
Finished: 14 March 2013
Where did it come from? Many thanks to Rebecca at The Cadence Group for sending me a copy of this book to read.
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 21 February 2013
Why do I have it? I like horror with a supernatural flavor to it and Prudence MacGregor is a new author for me.

Trilogy: A Collection by Prudence MacGregor is comprised of three stories, all of which have an otherworldly, paranormal theme to them. The book is not really classified as typical horror - I classified the book in that category myself. Anyway, the first story of the trio was 'Parallelograms', is about a young woman named Justine, whose previously tightly-controlled and well-ordered world is thrown into a tailspin by her chance meetings with two unusual people. One woman - Justine's doppelganger - is someone who appears to be shopping at the same supermarket while Justine is there, but mysteriously disappears when she looks for her. The second - a middle-aged man named Kenny - is someone who Justine encounters first in her local bookstore, while browsing the self-help section during her lunch hour - then meets again outside the same supermarket, and he appears slightly different physically. Justine ultimately finds herself facing an unexpected and potentially terrifying situation, that causes her to question her very existence.

'Random' is a story about a college student named Ullyssa who, just out of curiosity, decides to send up a balloon with a note attached, and see who answers her note. Such a simple project leads Lyssa into strange circumstances when a teenage girl named Prudence calls Lyssa's cell phone at 1:30 the next morning, claiming that she has found the balloon and wants to meet Lyssa.

'Up There' focuses on Gregory, an unassuming office worker who is fascinated by airplanes that he sees in the sky. Quite by accident he meets Sherry, a beautiful motivational speaker, who just may have a connection to one of the planes he has seen recently. Suddenly, Gregory's harmless and seemingly innocuous pastime - watching planes fly overhead and guessing their destinations - turns questionable and ultimately forces him to take a look at his world: is it real or has it always been an illusion?

Overall, I really enjoyed this book as I love books with paranormal themes. I think that I liked the last two stories in the trilogy slightly more than the first one. Although 'Parallelograms' was good in its own way, I was left wanting to know just a little bit more about Kenny's explanation of what exactly was the paranormal event that Justine was experiencing. I give Trilogy: A Collection by Prudence MacGregor an A! 

A! - (90-95%)

May you read well and often