Kathryn Meyer Griffith - The Banshee and the Witch

Saturday, January 26, 2013

4. The Banshee and the Witch by Kathryn Meyer Griffith (2012)
Kathryn Meyer Griffith's Spooky Short Stories Book 2
Length: 33 pages
Genre: Short Story
Started/Finished: 26 January 2013
Where did it come from? From Amazon
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 25 December 2012
Why do I have it? I am beginning to like reading short stories and I have read and enjoyed several books by this author in the past.

What would you do to live forever, stay young forever? To experience true love once more? And if you were a white witch with the magical powers to make it happen...and the secret of how to do it, would you? So when the banshee comes calling for you one rainy night you'll do what you have to do to get what you desire the most...more time.

I have to say that while I completely understand the witch Cleona's motivations to do what she did...and while nothing that she did was technically black magic, I think, I would perhaps say that Cleona practiced 'gray' magic - not actually harmful to herself or to other people, but certainly self-serving and focused on her own personal desires.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and found it to be well-written, but it did leave me with one last unanswered question on my mind: once you get what you most desire, will you truly be content with it? I give this story an A! and am looking forward to reading the two other stories in this collection.

A! - (90-95%)

May you read well and often


sashagirl said...

thank you for reading my short story.
Oh, the witch? What she did was totally wrong but the reason she did it wasn't...she wanted to live longer to be able to love again. For all of us...isn't that what we want? To love and be loved? So the witch, the magic she used to get what she wanted, was "gray". You got it right. And you're the FIRST to read and review this short story. Warmly, your friend and author, Kathryn Meyer Griffith rdgriff@htc.net

Emeraldfire said...

Hi Kathryn,
Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I thoroughly enjoyed this short story, but it did leave me wondering if Cleona would ever be satisfied with having her heart's desire fulfilled. Or would she challenge the banshee's return? :)

sashagirl said...

She'll probably keep challenging the banshee's return...she's a stubborn witch. Ha, ha. Kathryn Meyer Griffith rdgriff@htc.net
Did I ever tell you that 5 of my books are becoming AUDIO BOOKS? And maybe more later. I'm so excited. It's so neat to hear my words come to life. The narrator for THE HEART OF THE ROSE has an English accent...so neat. Kathryn
eyer Griffith rdgriff@htc.net