Andrew Feder - Spirit

Saturday, August 14, 2010

15. Spirit by Andrew Feder (2010)
Length: 356 pages
Genre: Horror
Started: 4 August 2010
Finished: 14 August 2010
Where did it come from? Many thanks to Rebecca at The Cadence Group for sending me a copy of this book to read.
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 3 July 2010
Why do I have it? I like horror and Andrew Feder is a new author for me.

Randall Lender is a wanted man. His radical ideas annoy governments, organized religions, and elements of the dark side. a dark warlock manages to trick Randall into the body of a mob "hitman" who subsequently is put on trial for murder. Now with the help of his lawyer, his fifteen-year-old daughter and his mentor, Randy must find a way to escape the warlock's plan which will ultimately lead to Randy's execution and spiritual "marooning". This is a very unusual story with discussion of astral projection, out-of-body experiences and in depth discussions of conspiracy theories. I give it a B!

B! - (80-88%)

May you read well and often