Book Release and Giveaway Blog Tour For The Comfort of Secrets by Christine Nolfi From June 20, 2017 to July 17, 2017 - Come Join Us!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hello Everyone! I am extremely happy to announce that Christine Nolfi will be touring the blogosphere to promote her contemporary romance The Comfort of Secrets. This virtual book  release and giveaway blog tour is being hosted by Lake Union Publishing - an imprint of Amazon Publishing and it will last from June 20, to July 17, 2017!

Ms. Nolfi's publisher is also doing an awesome Goodreads giveaway - they are giving away 100 ebook copies to 100 lucky winners at the end of her Blog Tour. This giveaway will run from June 20th, to July 17th! Be sure to enter the Goodreads giveaway and I wish you all the very best of good luck in taking part!

The Comfort of Secrets Blog Tour Information:

Meet Christine Nolfi

Some writers are gifted with an unusual life and I’m certainly one of those. I’ve lived in Ohio, Virginia, California, Utah and now South Carolina. In college I was featured on the front page of the Houston Post for a lark that erased all my debt. I met my four adopted children for the first time in the sweltering heat of the tropics. I helped build several companies and was lucky enough to earn a living doing what I love best - writing - in a PR firm I owned.

In 2004 I made the wisest and most irrational decision of my life–I began writing fiction full-time. All those years of hard work pay off daily in sweet notes and comments by readers. Please continue the mail, tweets and comments on Facebook, Goodreads and other sites. I cherish your support and love chatting with readers.

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About The Comfort of Secrets:

Cat Mendoza needs a win. After a business failure and years of dating the wrong men, she’s ready to turn things around.

First she must convince the residents of Sweet Lake, Ohio, that she’s taking her responsibilities seriously. As the events director of the newly restored Wayfair Inn, she has the support of her best friends, Linnie and Jada. But everyone else - including her overprotective mother and the well-meaning Sweet Lake Sirens - can’t help but chime in with advice about her plans, her apparently too-tight clothes, and her undeniable attraction to Ryan D’Angelo, the charming ad exec hired to promote the inn.

Cat knows she should keep Ryan at a distance, but she’s drawn closer by the heartbreak he tries to hide. Will uncovering his secrets derail the new life Cat hopes to achieve…or will she gain something to cherish forever?

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May you read well and often