It's Friday the Thirteenth!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hello everyone! Well, for some reason every time I tell my mom that it's Friday the thirteenth, she always says: "Unlucky For Some!" I wondered why she would say that, so when I was about thirteen or so, I asked her why she would always say that and she told me that was what her mother used to say to her.

My Grandmother died when I was still rather young - about six or so - but myself and my mom and dad were living in Rhode Island at the time. Anyway, my Grandma Marjorie's - mom's mom's - birthday was on December 13th, and every time her birthday fell on a Friday, she was ecstatic. She absolutely loved Friday the Thirteenth!

Unfortunately, last night, my computer crashed while I was doing some computer maintenance. I was deleting some extraneous files and programs and updating some of the others that I used more frequently. I was doing fine - almost done - until I attempted to reboot my computer to finish removing the software I didn't use anymore.

I turned my computer back on and discovered that my little darling had completely wiped the 'Windows Operating System', and that no matter what I did the computer wouldn't reinstall it. I was livid! Just angry with myself, because I knew that I hadn't downloaded any viruses or mistakenly installed any new software that was actually malware in disguise. I'm tremendously careful with my downloading and had just updated my Virus Protection Software recently.

Everything seemed fine from my side, so we've sent the laptop out to be fixed today at our local repair shop. My mom says she will go shopping tomorrow afternoon and perhaps pick me up an Apple IPad if I want. That seems like a good idea! ;)

May you read well and often