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T. C. Tombs, Author of the Run With the Wolves Series, Talks About the Importance of the Story and Setting in the Trilogy

Meet T. C. Tombs
T. C. Tombs earned degrees from Trent University and Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada. Like many Canadians, he loves hockey and golf, and he has a passion for medieval history, folk lore, literature, film, and music. Terry and his wife, Sandra, live in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, where they have raised five daughters.

Synopsis from Goodreads:
It is the fifteenth century, and three kingdoms are caught up in the dire conflicts of their time. As the possibility of a peaceful resolution provides hope that a decade-long war will finally end, no one realizes that dark forces are waiting to invoke chaos as a full moon rises. On a farm nestled beneath the Euralene Mountains along the western border of Medinia, young Willie works for the Smythes as a serf.

One moonlit evening when the Smythes are gone to a neighbouring village, Willie hears the terrified cries of animals in the pastures. When he goes to investigate, he discovers that this wolf pack attack is …

Carlyle Clark - The Black Song Inside

6. The Black Song Inside by Carlyle Clark (2013)
The Atticus and Rosemary Mysteries Book 1
Length: 244 pages
Genre: Contemporary Mystery
Started: 18 January 2014
Finished: 23 January 2014
Where did it come from? Many thanks to Dorothy at Pump up Your Bookfor sending me a copy of this book to read.
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 22 December 2013
Why do I have it? I like contemporary mysteries and Carlyle Clark is a new author for me.

Recently engaged private investigators, Atticus Wynn and Rosemary Sanchez, have both seen and experienced the dark and violent side of life. Nothing, though, has prepared them for the explosive murder case that they are currently working on. This is an investigation that threatens to tear their relationship apart as they struggle to solve a case that could either send them to prison or to the morgue.

Atticus' manipulative ex-girlfriend Claire bursts back into their lives harboring a secret about Rosemary's family that she exploits in order to …

The Black Song Inside's Rosemary Sanchez Laments Her Brother's Choices in Life

Meet Carlyle Clark
Carlyle Clark was raised in Poway, a city just north of San Diego, but is now a proud Chicagolander working in the field of Corporate Security and writing crime and fantasy fiction. He has flailed ineffectually at performing the writer’s requisite myriad of random jobs: pizza deliverer, curb address painter, sweatshop laborer, day laborer, night laborer, security guard, campus police, Gallup pollster, medical courier, vehicle procurer, and signature-for-petitions-getter.

He is a married man with two cats and a dog. He is also a martial arts enthusiast and a CrossFit endurer who enjoys fishing, sports, movies, TV series with continuing storylines, and of course, reading. Most inconsequentially, he holds the unrecognized distinction of being one of the few people in the world who have been paid to watch concrete dry in the dark. Tragically, that is a true statement.

His latest book is the mystery thriller, The Black Song Inside.

Visit his website at http://carlyleclar…

Carlyle Clark - He's Faster: A Short Story

5. He's Faster: A Short Story by Carlyle Clark (2013)
The Atticus and Rosemary Mysteries Prequel
Length: 26 pages
Genre: Short Story
Started/Finished: 19 January 2014
Where did it come from? From Amazon
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 18 January 2014
Why do I have it? This ebook was a free download from Amazon as I'm currently reading The Black Song Inside. I also like contemporary mysteries and Carlyle Clark is a new author for me.

Rosemary Sanchez just wants to spend some time alone in her aunt's remote cabin in the woods. She has some very important decisions to make, and the silence of the surrounding forest is just what she needs to think more clearly. However, someone else has something entirely different planned for her evening...and it will take all of Rosemary's courage and cunning just to see the dawn.

I'm currently reading The Black Song Inside by Carlyle Clark, and this story just happened to catch my eye as I browsed the Internet. I enjoyed readin…

P. M. Terrell - The Tempest Murders

4. The Tempest Murders by P. M. Terrell (2013)
The Ryan O'Clery Mystery Series Book 1
Length: 243 pages
Genre: Contemporary Mystery
Started: 8 January 2014
Finished: 17 January 2014
Where did it come from? Many thanks to Tracee at Pump up Your Bookand P. M. Terrell for sending me a copy of this book to read.
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 21 October 2013
Why do I have it? I like contemporary mysteries that have slight paranormal overtones to them and P. M. Terrell is a new author for me.

In Lumberton, North Carolina, Detective Ryan O'Clery is working a series of homicides when he comes into possession of a journal kept by his great-uncle, five generations earlier. In his writings, Constable Rian Kelly details an eerily similar set of murders that he is investigating in Dublin, Ireland, during 1839. The number of victims steadily increases - until the night of January 6, 1839, when the 'Night of the Big Wind' swept the Atlantic Ocean across Ireland - completely dev…

Introducing A Bandit's Betrayed Heart by Michelle McLean!

Meet Michelle McLean
Romance and non-fiction author Michelle McLean spent 98% of her formative years with her nose in a book indulging in her love of reading and research. She has a B.S. in History, a M.A. in English, insane eclectic tastes, and tends to be a bit of an organized mess with an insatiable love of books.

When Michelle’s not editing, reading or chasing her kids around, she can usually be found in a quiet corner working on her next book. She resides in PA with her husband and two children, an insanely hyper dog, and two very spoiled cats.

A Bandit's Betrayed Heart by Michelle McLean (2014) Length: 171 pages Purchase Your Copy From Amazon!
A Bandit's Betrayed Heart Blurb: 
Not your typical Southern belle…

Lucy Richardson’s bandit sisters may have taught her to sling a gun and pick a stubborn lock, but nothing prepared her for the agony of her first heartbreak. Her sisters taught her to fight like hell for what she wants… and she wants Finn.

Not your proper Southern gentlema…

Introducing The Tempest Murders by P. M. Terrell!

Meet P. M. Terrell
P.M. Terrell is the award-winning, internationally acclaimed author of more than 18 books in 4 genres. A full-time author since 2002, she previously opened and operated two computer companies in the Washington, DC area. Her specialties were in the areas of computer crime and computer intelligence and her clients included the Secret Service, CIA and Department of Defense as well as local law enforcement. Computer and spy technology are two themes that recur throughout her books.

She is the co-founder of The Book ‘Em Foundation, whose mission is to raise awareness of the link between high illiteracy rates and high crime rates. And she founded the annual Book ‘Em North Carolina Writers Conference and Book Fair which takes place each February. She is also an animal advocate and helped to start the New Leash on Life program in which dogs destined for euthanasia are rescued and paired with prison inmates in Robeson County, North Carolina, who train them. The dogs are then…

Michael Mullin - TaleSpins

3. TaleSpins by Michael Mullin (2013)
Length: 47 pages
Genre: Short Story
Started: 8 January 2014
Finished: 11 January 2014
Where did it come from? Many thanks to Kathy at I am a Reader, Not a Writerfor sending me a copy of this book to read.
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 3 December 2013
Why do I have it? I like fantasy and Michael Mullin is a new author for me. I definitely want to read more short stories, and do like fairy tale retellings as well.

This book is actually a trilogy of fairy tales, retold from a different perspective. The first fairy tale is called 8: The Previously Untold Story of the Previously Unknown 8th Dwarf. You may think you know the tale of Snow White backwards and forwards, but Creepy - the eighth dwarf who lives in the cellar - is going to set you straight.

The second fairy tale is called The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny - where a teenage princess named Penny hires the same witch who cursed 'The Frog Prince'. Penny wants to exact revenge a…

Book Blast For To Kill For His Queen by Carolina West

Hello Everyone! I hope that you're all having a wonderful day today. I'm so glad to welcome Carolina West, author of the paranormal fantasy novel, To Kill For His Queen to Emeraldfire's Bookmark. Ms. West is currently on a Book Blast tour with Pump up Your Book! lasting through mid-January. This is also my ninth Book Blast post ever, but I still hope that I do To Kill For His Queen by Carolina West justice.

The author is also doing a giveaway - she is giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner at the end of her Book Blast. Be sure to fill out the Rafflecopter form below, and I wish you all the very best of good luck in taking part!

About To Kill For His Queen:

Living in the world of werewolves, vampires, and dark magic can have a certain effect on a child, especially when that child is Hassen Mason, who seems destined to bring ruin to those he loves. Hassen was abandoned as a child and was immersed in the world of magic by the strange creatures that raised him…

Jon Hartling - The Snow Owl

2. The Snow Owl by Jon Hartling (2011)
Length: 11 pages
Genre: Short Story
Started/Finished: 7 January 2014
Where did it come from? From Amazon
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 26 December 2013
Why do I have it? This ebook was a free download from Amazon, although I certainly want to read more short stories. I also like fantasy and Jon Hartling is a new author for me.

Seven-year-old Eric has always had an active imagination and a fascination with snow and cold weather. Initially, his father Ben doesn't think that his son's talk of a magical kingdom known as Lukana is anything more than a little boy's typical childhood imagination. Ben, himself, prefers the summer, while his late wife Jamie - Eric's mother - loved the winter. Jamie died giving birth to Eric, but her final act in life was to apologize to Ben.

Ben never knew exactly why Jamie apologized to him, although he vowed to himself that as his son grew, Eric would always be loved. Then, one winter day, Eric s…

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff - Accidentally in Love With A...God?

1. Accidentally in Love With...A God? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff (2012)
The Accidentally Yours Series Book 1
Length: 404 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Started: 18 December 2013
Finished: 5 January 2014
Where did it come from? Many thanks to Marissa at Grand Central Publishingfor sending me a copy of this book to read. Then I bought a copy for myself from Barnes and Noble.
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 28 October 2013 as an ebook; Since 1 January 2014 as a physical book.
Why do I have it? I like paranormal romance and Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a new author for me.

Twenty-two-year-old Emma Keane is just your average city girl trying to get a date. She's a petite and bubbly redhead who's always up for having a little fun. There's just one tiny snag holding her back from finding the perfect guy. And that would be...well...'Guy': the disembodied male voice speaking to her in her mind.

Sound kind of crazy? Probably. But crazy turns downright deadly when the voice persua…

Barnes and Noble Here we Come! - Our First Bookstore Visit of the New Year

Hello Everyone! First of all, I hope that you all have a very happy and much blessed New Year! :) Mom and I had actually planned on going to Barnes and Noble this Saturday to spend $75 worth of giftcards that I had received for her birthday and Christmas - actually an accumulation of three - one from June, and two were separate Christmas gifts from friends! So, a post-Christmas book blowout was bound to happen! :)

But the first major snowstorm of 2014 was forecast to hit this Friday, and continue straight through the weekend! :) Slight change of plans, and the post-Christmas book blowout has been rescheduled.

So, today from 1:30 to 3:30 PM, we went off on our little jaunt - and had a great time! Between us we bought 6 books and 3 CDs - and brought home Chinese food from the food court as a treat! :) Oh, and the snow started early - surprise, surprise - LOL! Oh well :)

I'm currently reading Accidentally in Love With A...God? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. I've been reading this book s…

Yearly Reading Wrap-up at Emeraldfire's Bookmark

Hello everyone out there and I hope that you all had a terrific reading year for yourselves. I am known as Emeraldfire around the Internet and this is my new personal reading blog.

Anyway, I started out January with about two hundred unread books lying around the house and ended the month with...umm...uncountable amounts of books unread. All of the books that I acquired this year came from BookmoochPaperback Swap, authors and Library Book Sales. Quite a number of my books that I read this month left my house to go to new homes so that's something I guess. :)

Let me try to break down the influx for you:

- The Journals of Eleanor Druse: My Investigation of the Kingdom Hospital Incident by Eleanor Druse

Changes to the TBR pile 

Read from my TBR pile (Yes! I am a reading machine :))
- Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective by Christine Amsden
The Howling Heart by April Bostic
- Moon River by J. R. Rain
- Knight of Flame by Scott Eder
- True Hollywood Noir: Filmland Mysteries and…