Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stacy Juba - 25 Years in the Rearview Mirror: 52 Authors Look Back

19. 25 Years in the Rearview Mirror: 52 Authors Look Back by Stacy Juba (2012)
Length: 85 pages
Genre: Short Story
Started: 24 March 2014
Finished: 26 March 2014
Where did it come from? From Smashwords
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 10 August 2012
Why do I have it? I like short stories and Stacy Juba is a new author for me.

'What were you doing 25 years ago?' That was the question posed to 52 of her author colleagues by novelist and award-winning journalist Stacy Juba. In this collection of poignant and uplifting essays, you will read personal stories dealing with early school days; quirky first jobs; finding and keeping romance; the joys and difficulties of raising a family; going through various hard times; the pride and pitfalls associated with the writing journey; and discover what makes the characters these authors have created truly tick. Each story will alternately warm your heart, raise your spirits and ultimately compel you to examine your own life.

25 Years in the Rearview Mirror: 52 Authors Look Back by Stacy Juba will help readers discover a entire crop of new authors whose names they can add to their to-read lists. Publishing credits for each of the contributing writers include New York Times bestselling, USA Today bestselling and Amazon bestselling. They also include recipients of the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award, Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award, Mississippi Author Award, Benjamin Franklin Award and Eppie Award, as well as nominees of the Pushcart Prize, Agatha and Shamus Awards, to name a few of the many honors.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this particular book. Alright, so it only took me two years to actually read, but I guess good things come to those who wait. :) I give 25 Years in the Rearview Mirror: 52 Authors Look Back by Stacy Juba a definite A+! 

My mother had read Sink or Swim by the same author in March of 2011 and enjoyed it very much. I'm delighted to say that I have Twenty-Five Years Ago Today - the mystery that was the basis for the question asked in 25 Years in the Rearview Mirror - already on my TBR pile. I can assure you that reading Twenty-Five Years Ago Today won't take me another two years! :)

A+! - (96-100%)

May you read well and often