Blog Tour For I, Walter by Mike Hartner From August 5, 2013 to October 31, 2013 - Come Join Us!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello Everyone! I am extremely happy to announce that Mike Hartner will be touring the blogosphere to promote his historical romance I, Walter. This is Mike's first virtual book tour with Pump up Your Book! He will be coming to a blog near you from August 5, to October 31, 2013! Come join us for all the fun!

I, Walter Blog Tour Information: 

  Meet Mike Hartner

Mike Hartner is a father, son, author, patriot, geek (ret), and husband.

His love of all things genealogical led him to writing, and writing has now led him to fiction and a large epic saga.

He lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife and son.

His latest book is the historical romance, I, Walter.

Visit his website at

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About I, Walter:

This is the life story of Walter Crofter, an English commoner who ran from home at the age of 11. After two years living on the street, he ended up on a Merchant Mariners boat in the service of the Crown.

On his first voyage, he rescued a girl from pirates. A very important girl, who stole his heart before she was returned to her home.

This is the story of his life. What adventures he had at sea; what took him off the waters, and what happened to him as he lived his life and stayed true to his character.

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I, Walter Virtual Book Publicity Tour Schedule

Monday, August 5 - First Chapter Reveal at Pump Up Your Book
Tuesday, August 6 - Book Featured at Plug Your Book
Wednesday, August 7 - Book Featured at Literal Exposure
Thursday, August 8 - Guest Blogging at The Story Behind the Book
Friday, August 9 - Interview at The Writer’s Life
Monday, August 12 - First Chapter Reveal at Between the Covers
Wednesday, August 14 - Character Interview at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews
Wednesday, August 21 - Book Featured at Mom Loves 2 Read
Thursday, August 22 - Book Featured at Moonlight Lace & Mayhem
Monday, August 26 - Release Day Diva Facebook Party (4 – 7 p.m. PDT)
Tuesday, August 27 - First Chapter Reveal at Beyond the Books
Friday, August 30 - Interview at The Dark Phantom
Monday, September 2 - Book Review at Miki’s Hope
Tuesday, September 3 - Top Ten Post at As the Pages Turn
Wednesday, September 4 - Interview at Review From Here
Thursday, September 5 -  Book Review at Emeraldfire’s Bookmark
Friday, September 6 - Book Featured at Authors to Watch
Monday, September 9 - Book Featured at Read My First Chapter
Tuesday, September 10 - Interview at The Book Connection
Wednesday, September 11 - Guest Blogging at Lori’s Reading Corner
Thursday, September 12 - 20 Questions at The Book Rack
Friday, September 13 - Guest Blogging at Coffee and a Keyboard
Monday, September 16 - Interview at Examiner
Tuesday, September 17 - Guest Blogging at The Book Faery Reviews
Wednesday, September 18 - Book Review at My Devotional Thoughts
Thursday, September 19 - Interview at Broowaha
Friday, September 20 - Interview at Book Marketing Buzz
Monday, September 23 - Interview at Blogger News
Tuesday, September 24 - Interview at Literarily Speaking
Thursday, September 26
- Guest Blogging at Authors & Readers Book Corner
Friday, September 27 - Book Review at Deal Sharing Aunt
Monday, October 7 - Book Review at My Cozie Corner
Tuesday, October 8 - Interview at Goodreads
Wednesday, October 9 - Book Review at Bookworm Lisa
Thursday, October 10 - Book Review at Moonlight Reader
Friday, October 11 - Interview at Blogcritics
Monday, October 14 - Interview at I’m Shelf-ish
Tuesday, October 15 - Book Review at Blooming with Books
Wednesday, October 16 - Interview at Straight From the Author’s Mouth
Friday, October 18 - Interview at The Dark Phantom
Monday, October 21 - Character Interview at Beyond the Books
Tuesday, October 22 - First Chapter Reveal at As the Pages Turn
Wednesday, October 23 - Interview at Red Room
Thursday, October 24 - Interview at Beyond the Books
Tuesday, October 29 - Book Featured at Celtic Lady’s Reviews
Wednesday, October 30 - Interview at Between the Covers
Friday, October 31 - Interview at Pump Up Your Book

I, Walter Excerpt:

In my earliest days, I remember my father, Geoff, being a bit forceful with other people. I also recall my brother Gerald, nearly five years my senior, and myself being happy. Or at least as contented as two boys could be who were growing up in the late 1500s in England, and working every day since their seventh birthdays. It was a time when boys were earning coin as soon as they could lift or carry things. The money could never be for themselves, however, but for the parents to help pay the bills.

Father lived as a crofter should. He was an upright man and sold vegetables off a cart like his grandfather did, and he also dabbled in selling fine fabric for the ladies of status.

One afternoon, when I was eight years old, my brother came home and got into a heated debate with my father about something. When I ran to see what was the matter, they hushed around me, so I never got the full gist of the argument. But whatever it was about, it was serious, and the bickering continued behind my back for five straight days. When I awoke on the morning of the sixth day, Gerald was no longer at home. And he never came back.

Soon afterwards, my father lost enthusiasm for his business and became generally passive. I assumed this was because of Gerald's leaving, and only on occasion would I see flashes of my dad's former self. 

At the start of my tenth year, our family moved closer to London. We rented the bottom floor of a three-story building in which several families lived in the upper floors. My father said we relocated because he needed to be closer to more business opportunities. But my mom didn't believe he'd made the right decision, since he was now selling food out of a cart and not inside a storefront. One night, she greeted him at the door when he came home. She was wearing a frown and a dress that had seen better days. 

"Did you bring in any decent money?" she asked him before he had time to take off his coat.
"I told you, it will take some time. It's not easy to make good money these days."
"Especially when you let the ladies walk all over you."
"I know, I know. But what am I to do when they aren't running up to me to buy what I'm selling?"
"You at least bring home some food for us?" My father had carried in a bag under his arm.
"It's not much, a few carrots and some celery." He handed her the bag.
"What about meat?"
"We're not ready for meat yet."
"That’s true enough," my mother said. "But you should at least try to feed your family. Walter's growing, and so are our other children."
"Leave me be, woman. I'm doing the best I can for now." He sat in his chair, leaned his head against the wall, and fell asleep.

That same debate played out between my parents for the next two years. Except for the summer months, when food was plentiful; then the arguments subsided. But for the rest of the year, especially during the winter, the same discussions about money continued on a daily basis, and they were often quite heated. I lost two younger siblings during those two years. One during my tenth winter and the other during my eleventh winter. Neither of the children was older than six months. I always suspected hunger as the primary cause of their deaths.

May you read well and often